14 October 2007

Eidul-Fitr 2007

After fasting during the holy month of Ramadhan, we celebrated Eidul-Fitr yesterday. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish mOAm readers Selamat Hari Raya & maaf zahir & batin. 1st & 2nd Syawal were sunny in the morning & rainy in the afternoon through to the nite. Nevertheless, I managed drive the family to visit some relatives on 1st Syawal & we received some visitors in the evening, including 2 of my secondary schoolmates, CTC & CKC. CKC even brought his gf along, the more the merrier. It's too bad that NIA also had her own relatives to visit on that day & I couldn't introduce her to my 2 close mates.

Anyhow, earlier today on the 2nd day of Raya, I did my own Eid visiting before spending the evening at NIA's. I really got to get use to the sheer number of her relatives who visited NIA's family's open house while I was there (& that's just about half of them all, as I was made to understand). While I felt like a sore thumb at times just now, I know that after some time I gotta integrate with them & in the future, visiting them will be part of the Eid agenda. Truly an interesting new experience for me.

Before I rest for the day, I'd like to share you 1 of my 2 favourite Raya songs, Lebaran Ini:

Performed by: Raihan, NowSeeHeart, Rem, Ajai
Mendayu suara meniti angkasa
Alunan takbir mengulit pagi
Insan tersenyum tanda gembira
Lebaran mulia menjelma lagi, kali ini

Di hari lebaran mulia ini
Jangan pula membuat dosa
Begitulah hakikatnya hari raya
Bergembira tanpa melupakannya, Allah Yang Esa
Indah suasana dalam senyuman
Seluruh alam turut raikan
Mengucapkan syukur pada Tuhan
Atas nikmat yang datang, limpahannya

( chorus)
Ikhlaskan hati mohon kemaafan
Leburlah dosa di tapak tangan
Lupakan segala silap dan salah
Insan bersatu membina ummah

Have a joyous Eidul-Fitr, from NIA, me & both of our families. :)

TIll later, live long & prosper.

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  1. hmm.. unfortunately NYC wasn't there.. Or should I say, fortunately NYC wasn't there? hehe.. If not all the rendang would be gone!! CTC is Teik Chye? who is CKC? hmm... Good to know that you enjoyed the holidays... at least one of us is... hehe...