16 October 2007

Gup-gup not well

The youngest of our 4 cats, Guppy is ill. She starting looking a bit quiet on Raya eve & on the next day, was somewhat moody with mum. She kept to herself in sis' room throughout the day (we thought it was just due to the Raya guests coming & going). That night, I was awaken from my short nap when I felt something furry & purring by my side on the bed, which turned out to be Guppy who somehow managed to get into my room & stretched herself next to me. Hence, I just assumed that she was being docile & manja with me while avoiding strangers. :)

On Sunday nite, after returning from NIA's, mum told me that Guppy was vomitting & hasn't eaten the whole day despite her & sis' best efforts to cow her to eat. Yesterday morning, as I was the only one at home, I awoke to find Guppy looking miserable & mum called to ask me to find an open vet clinic to take her too. As it was a public holiday (since 2nd Syawal fell on a Sunday, the next day was the 'replacement' day off), the nearby vet clinic was closed. I couldn't take Guppy to the 'family vet' as the vet is on Eid holiday. After some driving around & with the help of 1 of sis' friend (who also has a few cats), I managed to locate a vet clinic that was opened.

It turned out that poor Guppy was having a high fever. The vet administered an injection to her (brave cat, didn't even winch during the jab) & told me to feed her something nice & different (that resulted in me buying a premium priced small can of cat food) to her staple diet of cat biscuits. Upon returning home, Guppy squeezed into a corner between a cabinet & the wall & stayed there quietly till nightfall. By then, she regained her voice & some strength as she managed to respond to my call with a weak meow. However, she subsequently sneaked out of the house & I haven't seen her since. Hope she is well & will be at home when I return from work & a dinner outing with friends.
Get well soon, Guppy.

Lastly, the attached photo of Guppy was taken last month when she was well & sleeping comfortably on 1 of the chair in the hall.

Till later, live long & prosper.


  1. ohh, i hope she's gonna be well too. I hate it if one of my cats falls ill...i'll be wishing then that they would be able to talk to me!