30 October 2007


Thanks to my buddy Shiowch, who works at the leading English local newspaper that shares a similar name with a tabloid in England, I got to attend TGV's intergalactic Halloween screening of Stardust earlier this evening, commemorating the relaunch of the renovated TGV Sunway Pyramid. This movie will be released locally on 1 Nov 2007.

Meeting up at about quarter past 7pm, we proceeded to the registration counter that was manned by a Princess Leia lookalike with another person that reminds me of the Morticia of the Addams Family standing close by. We got a goody bag each (the version for people of the media) that consist of a press release (of course), a battery operated mini fan that looks like a mouse (the computer peripheral), a 'robotic' reading light & a 'piece of the moon' (some rock; for paperweight, I guess).

There were to be some light snacks, performance & lucky draw before the screening of Stardust @ 2045, but we decided to go have dinner at Delifrance instead. When we returned to TGV around 2030, there was a TGV staff singing an R&B song with back-up dancers consisting of two aliens & a clone trooper/storm trooper (from Star Wars). Though there were many people in the long corridor area, the cinema that we were assigned to was barely a third filled by the time the movie began.

Stardust is about a young man named Tristan Thorne from the English town of Wall. Wall is so named as it is situated by the border of England & the magical kingdom named Faerie, which includes the realm of Stormhold. The border is represented by a wall with a broken section that is closely guarded. Wanting to prove his love to a village beauty Victoria, Tristan ventures into Faerie to retrieve a fallen star that both he & Victoria witnessed. And so, begins his adventure that sees Tristan cross paths with princes, witches & pirates, among others. He also finds his true love & true heritage along the way.

Prior to watching this movie, I was aware of the wealth of known actors & actresses in this movie, including Sienna Miller, Robert De Niro, Claire Danes (I initially thought she was in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but actually she acted in Terminator 3), Michelle Pfeiffer, Charlie Cox (he acted in Casanova as Sienna Miller's character's brother) and Ricky Gervais. The English spoken in the movie is British English, since the Stardust was filmed in the UK & many of its cast are English anyhow. CGI effects were nicely done & the Scottish Highlands & Isle of Skye locations make me wish I had the chance to visit them previously (God willing, I hope to visit them some time in the future). Oh, not forgetting, seeing Michelle Pfeiffer ugly may also be enough reason for some to go see Stardust. To me, one should add Robert De Niro performance to that line too. :D

The lesson to be learned from this movie is that true love is unconditional, it does not need one to go to great lengths to prove it or wanting another to go to such lengths before accepting it. Nevertheless, Tristan's journey showed him his true love. Can't help thinking whether what happened to me from end-2003 to mid-2006 bears resemblance, where I met my own version of Victoria then & came to the same conclusion Tristan did, though under more painful circumstances. Now, I have found my star.

Good nite & sweet dreams. Remember, the stars are looking down upon you.

Till later, live long & prosper.

P.S.: The theme to Stardust, Rule the World, was written & recorded by Take That. :)


  1. so how was the movie? should go and see?

  2. Hi, DB.

    I would recommend watching the movie. It's not great, but interesting & enjoyable nonetheless. Worth the ticket price of about RM10. In fact, according to my buddy Shiowch, the movie is more witty & lighter than the original novel/graphic novel, which took a darker & serious tone.