20 October 2007


"So captivating, my heart is captivated,
Hence I quickly ran in front of you to say..."

Argh!!! This is tough & corny. Back to Bahasa Malaysia:

Siapa nama?
Boleh kenal, ataupun tidak?
Duduk kat mana?
Dengan siapa?
Ada handphone?
Apa nombornya?
Bolehkah kita bersama?

Don't worry, I am not hooked on this horny song (it's kinda catchy though :P ) by Adam AF2 - 'Hai'. It's just a little naughty fun for NIA's sis Una, whom if I got it right, feels geli when hearing this song. Something similar is coming to your Friendster page, sis. Hehe.

Till later, live long & prosper.

P.S.: If any mOAm reader wants this song, I got it from this link, which I accessed via this blog. There, link & credit given.

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