20 November 2007

"Argh, I don't wanna get up & go to work!"

Yes, I wish I could just continue sleeping till about 10am.

It hasn't been an encouraging start to the day thus far since the time I got up, nearly 2 hours ago. No, I didn't sleep later than my normal average sleep time nor did I get up on the wrong side of the bed (my bed, 1 side is against the wall). However, I did almost get up late had dad not knocked on my room window. I initially got up at 5am, more than half an hour away from my 'waking up' time. In my semi-dazed state, I managed to be awake when the alarm rang, switched it off & then the next thing I knew was hearing the knock on my room window & seeing it's already 6am. Not wanting to be late to work like once last week, I rushed to wash up, solat, get dressed & leave for work. Guess what, I left home 5 mins earlier than my usual time of 0630. :)

Feeling good, I decided to stop at a Petronas along the Federal Highway & fill up the Iswara's petrol tank. Somehow, with the drizzling rain, me keeping track of time (like an F1 pit stop) & cleaning the tool provided at the petrol station while the pump fills my car's tank with petrol, I forgot to collect the receipt after filling up on petrol. It's probably not a big deal to many, but I make it a point to collect the receipts to ensure than the transaction has been completed (don't wanna leave the pump open with my credit line). Hopefully, nothing goes wrong & I don't incur petrol charges more than what I filled up my car's tank for).

My double whammy came at the office when I opened the backpack I carry to work & realised that when picking today's tie to wear, I had earlier forgotten to remove the tie pin from yesterday's tie & put it on today's tie. Darn. Oh well, as NIA said, I don't look less handsome without the tie pin. Hehe. :P

Here's to a better day ahead, which includes me settling this work issue relating to CARVM (what is it, find out using Google or Wikipedia?). I've also had my shot of coffee & roti bulat (my morning addiction) from the Chinese stall under the bridge. That should help.

Lastly, Blogger has a new Slideshow gadget for users to add to their blogs. The gadget allows us to display pics from Picasa Wed Album & Flickr, among others. I've added the gadget to mOAm but have yet to properly configure it. Intend to do so later today.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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