06 November 2007

Lunch, gym & Al-Rajhi

Lunch, 1 of the most looked forward to session during the work day (the other being end of the work day, I believe). Some have their meals then some rest, some settle errands while others engage in therapy that is shopping.

For me, I've been having packed mixed rice in the office these days. My current default choice of dishes are a catfish called ikan keli, a piece of tempe goreng, & any type of vegetables. Previously, the fish will still be there but the choice would have been a stingray or some other fried fish. After many years, I finally tasted ikan keli a few months back when NIA & I stopped for lunch at Bentong. She ordered a fried keli with chili paste for me to try, promising to finish it if I didn't like it. I enjoyed the fish I tasted, although that particular fish was cooked too spicy for my liking. Since then, I've been eating ikan keli. Hehe, a bit of Mark's dietary history. :)

My bro-in-surname, Yeech, emailed to invite me to join him enrol with Fitness First, since he wants to get fit & thought I could use some getting fit too. Well, he got it right. I do need to get fit & but I don't think I need a gym membership now. As it is, the Organisation has a better than average facility at the HQ & a basic facility @ DKDT. I used to frequent the gym at least once a week while I was stationed at HQ, but it has been some time now since I frequent the gym facility provided by the Organisation for employees stationed at DKDT. So, it can be said that I currently under utilise the Organisation's gym facility. Thus, as I told Yeech, unless he can show me/provide me with some good incentives to join a gym, I shall politely decline for now.

Lastly, I just got my latest Al-Rajhi charge card bill & am unhappy in reading that from I Dec 2007, the bank will charge RM5 for each of the 3 late payment reminder letters & a further RM5 per month for Monthly Collection Effort. I haven't checked the practice for other Islamic Banks & conventional banks for their charge cards & credit cards, offhand, I think it's quite a sum. I guess this is how the Islamic Bank recoups its loss of income due to its inability to charge interest for amounts owed by cardholders. Having said that, should past trend prevails, I will avoid this charges as I settle my charge card bill promptly.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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