03 November 2007

Arsene Knows

Before I returned from London last year, I decided to renew my Arsenal Red membership as I wanted stand a chance (which I didn't get) to attend Dennis Bergkamp' testimonial. I managed however to attend a match at the Emirates Stadium courtesy of Arsenal finishing 4th the last season & hence, had to play a 2-leg qualification match against Dinamo Zagreb. Besides that, I'd also be getting a membership pack filled with goodies. I remembered to update my address for Arsenal to mail the membership pack to me in October 2006.

By January 2007, I had yet to receive the membership pack. I emailed the Membership Support to get clarification but only received reply in April telling me that their system was faulty & I had to resend the email if my issue has not been resolved. I did resend the email, including in it a brief statement on how I am disappointed with Arsenal & am reconsidering renewing my membership come May. This is where my belief that Malaysian companies' customer support are decades behind those in Europe was reinforced. Arsenal sent membership pack to me within a month, no questions asked. Wow, if it was a Malaysian company, they probably told me to f**k off or come up with several excuses (opps, reasons) to not send me a membership pack.

Nevertheless, I didn't renew my membership straightaway when the renewal notice arrived, due to some devil voices (the red kind & even some true blue kind) & some financial consideration. But, I am proud to say that I have successfully renew & am a Red member for another season.


Two days ago, Pos Malaysia delivered my membership pack & I thanked God that the membership pack was not subjected to a disappearing act. :D *grins*

As it is now, the Gunners trail ManUre b y a goal at half time at the Emirates. Please, please, please, let there be a leveler & a winning goal from Arsenal.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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  1. Sorry mate... no winning goal... although you guys got a lucky goal against Man U.. hahaha...