29 January 2008

Website on second hand car prices

The Insurance Services Malaysia (ISM) has set up a website on used car valuation estimates, as reported in the following Bernama article:

January 28, 2008 17:01 PM

New Website To Get Used Car Valuation Estimates
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 28 (Bernama) -- ISM Insurance Services Malaysia Bhd and EurotaxGlass's AG have developed a new website at
for consumers to obtain used car valuation estimates online.

The valuations are updated monthly and determined from thousands of observations of actual market prices from a variety of sources throughout Malaysia, the two companies said in a joint statement Monday.

"The idea to provide a complimentary online service was a strategic decision by our stakeholders to provide better transparency to those who need it most, the consumer," said ISM chief executive officer Carl Rajendram.

He said the website will provide consumers with an independent valuation of the market value based on extensive research conducted by its team.

Rajendram said a service was being developed to provide consumers with a valuation certificate with adjustments for mileage, condition of vehicle and optional car accessories in the next few months.

"A fee of RM10 will be charged to issue the valuation certificate which can be used as a second opinion on the value of the car," he said.

This website is handy for when we want to buy a used car, sell a car or (for me), as a reference point when renewing motor insurance (for determining the sum covered). Go check it out.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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