15 March 2008

10,000 BC

The premise of this movie is simple enough: boy meets girl, boy & girl grow up to man & woman while loving each other, bad guys attack & kidnaps woman, man goes after bad guys, overcome many obstacles, man destroy bad guys & saves woman. In this movie apparently set during the Mesolithic period, man is D'Leh, woman is Evolet & the bad guys (in my opinion) are like a mixture of Egyptians & Incans.

The settings & sights are nice, computer generated or not. The action is paced fast enough with a likeable though simple story woven into it.

Note: this musing suffers from being one of the few incomplete drafts. I have included more stuff, including an unfinished summary, but eventually decided to remove it, as I can't recall how I wanted to end it. All I can remember now is this movie TGV promo cup my younger brother bought. For a summary or narration of this entertaining film, try wikipedia.

I am just gonna post this anyhow, short as it is, several months from the initial musing date.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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