15 March 2008

mOAm 2nd Anniversary

Bring out the fireworks, mOAm is now 2 years old! Woohoo! To add extra joy to the celebrations, the Ides of March is also Fer Bear's birthday. Happy birthday girl! Hope you had a beary good time celebrating it. This year, besides Azib, there's Paris & Nicole too right? I thank God that mOAm provides me with an avenue to pen my thoughts & share interesting tidbits with my friends & whoever else who tunes in to my musings. Thank you readers also for your support & constructive comments. mOAm has managed another 75 postings since 15 March 2007 & God willing, another 75 more by its next anniversary. As a brief update, I am now with another team within the Organisation. 1.5 months already. I am adapting somewhat alright to the different focus & more variety of tasks as well as the mode. It's a challenge, yes, & I pray that I shall persevere. Till later, live long & prosper.

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