30 June 2008

EURO 2008

EURO 2008 is officially over early this morning (local time) with the Spaniards being crowned champions after a 1-0 victory over the Germans. It apparently wasn't truly a pulsating game apparently as the Germans didn't play well. In fact, some viewed that had Turkey not been plagued by suspensions & injuries, it probably would have been them in the final match against Spain, instead of Joachim Loew's boys.

Anyhow, I missed the match. Yes, despite going to sleep a bit earlier than I usually do & planning to get up at leave during half time. I dozed off on my newly changed bed sheet & pillow case (lets leave it at that & not talk about the state of affairs in my room) & only opened my eyes when my alarm rang for me workday wake up time. Darn! Actually, due to work & the time zone difference, I only saw a handful of EURO 2008 matches (& none of them the full match). Those I can remember were the group tie games of France, Italy & the single group match that Germany lost. I miss the time when I was in London during World Cup 2006 where matches were at more acceptable hours due to the shorter time difference. Then, I was somewhat more involved in the event; watching either at the school cafeteria after class, at some pub over a few glasses of expensive soft drinks or even via my laptop in my room as BBC streamed some of the matches. I am not keen on staying up late for matches at midnight or at 3am in the morning & becoming a pseudo-zombie, accident prone person the next workday. Probably should've taken leave this morning for the final match but decided against it since I already took half day leave on Fri & still saving my annual leave for rainy days.

The team of my choice, Les Blues, performed like crap, somewhat expected. Yesza, me is a realistic fan. After the fiasco of the previous World Cup & last EURO, I didn't expect much from Thierry Henry & co. However, their somewhat successful exploits in World Cup 2006 made me surmised that for EURO 2008, France will either crap out in the group stage or go all the way to the final. The former came true. Did we truly missed Zidane, or is it due to our talismanic striker being unfit, who knows? Some post mortem analysis needed now. Nevertheless, I shall still support Les Blues come World Cup 2010.

Lastly, I am now considering whether to get Spain EURO 2008 away jersey. Already got the German EURO 2008 away jersey, probably should complete the set of the finalists (not really keen on the home ones).

Till later, live long & prosper.

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