30 June 2008

Working things out

This posting is generally to test the cross-post to Blogger function on Multiply's blog service. Yup, I have created a blog on Multiply named (what else) Multiply Mark. I intend it to be a cold back-up of mOAm. I've updated it to a certain point in recent time, now all I need to do is figure out how to further update Multiply Mark from recent postings of Musings on a Mark. Hmm...

I shall leave it for another day, as Mark is knackered from work & a good gym session. Yes, even to the disbelief of those around me, Mark has start to go to gym again, to try to bring down his weight & keep fit. The idea is to visit the gym for at least a 20mins workout at least once a week. 3 weeks have passed & hence, 3 visits. I am slowly beginning to return to my previous personal gym program. What people say is true about gym workout: once you stop, resuming it doesn't mean you start from square one, but rather square negative. Wish me luck,pray for me & do motivate me if you are one of those around me.

Good nite.

Till later, live long & prosper.

P.S.: The posting was a success. Just like Windows Live Writer previously, some things do get screwed up such as time stamp & paragraph formating. Oh well, similar things happened when I imported mOAm's musings to Multiply Mark. Incompatibility is the keyword, but at least the services ARE talking to each other, which is a good thing. Take each day as it comes, they say...

1 comment:

  1. Selamat ber-gym-ing.

    Baru tau that abg makh ade blog lain, can't wait to read from the first post. (sy mmg suke stalk blog org) =p