03 October 2008

Eid Mubarak 2008

On this 3rd of Syawal, Mark wishes all Muslims Salam Eidul-Fitr, Maaf zahir & batin. Do enjoy the festivities, but lemme go into the health conscious mode by saying that we should try not to gain what we have lost very soon. It feels nice that the slacks are somewhat loose around the waist. ;) Oh, do watch for the sugar, chillies & rice intake.

For those who traveled & will be making the trip back over the weekend before resuming work on Monday or Tuesday, do drive defensively & safely.

It's back to many meals a day & the gym, ya. :D

Till later, live long & prosper.


  1. You've put on some weight? hhahaha... :p

  2. That was a cheapshot, pharm-guy. I lost weight. :P

  3. How should I know? You said you needed to hit the gym... I was guessing that you indulged yourself in one too many rendangs and ketupats and what not.. haha.. :p Besides, I'm too far away to see how you look like now.. hehe.. :)