12 October 2008

Mobile Musing

This musing is coz I thought it'd be funky to be blogging on the go & this is something I rarely do.

I am currently in the MAS Lounge here in KLIA. Am off to Pest in the eastern side of a continent. Nope, I am not off on a holiday. This is work. Else, I'd get NIA to tag along. :)

The food in the lounge isn't that many in terms of variety, compared to the last time I was here (which is a very long time). Ok, the boss whom I am attending this conference with has just popped into the lounge.

Till later, live long & prosper.

P.S.: It's either hardware or something related to the wi-fi network, as the internet connection to my laptop keeps getting disconnected & the wireless radio turned off. Hence, I am posting this some time later.

1 comment:

  1. KLIA maa... Where are you off to now? Dang.. you get to travel a lot ah?! I'm very jealous!!!!