24 October 2008

Unhappy Week

This haven't been a truly happy week for me. No doubt that from the 1st two days of the week, my spirit was lifted as I made some progress with regards to the journey of my life, this was subsequently countered on Wednesday.

As usual, on Tuesday nite, I left my laptop switched on to enable completion of bittorrenting the latest episodes of Gundam 00 Season 2 & Heroes Season 3. When I got up for work the next day, the laptop was switched off. This switching off by itself incident has occurred several times before, so I didn't pay much attention to it. Little did I know what was to come when I returned home on Wednesday nite.

When I switched on the laptop, there was a clicking sound from the hard drive, like a ball bearing getting caught in the motor. I was horrified as that can only mean on thing: hard drive motor failure aka hard drive kaput! True enough, when accessing the BIOS, no hard drive was detected. ARGH!!! A high percentage of the data on the hard drive hasn't been backed up!

The kaput hard drive has now been replaced with a newer hard drive that has 3 times its capacity. It was for a fair price too, for an IDE hard drive that is fast getting out of date, as newer laptops uses SATA hard drives. As such, I've been spending my time at home since last nite reinstalling Windows XP and all other software on this new hard drive. I kept the kaput hard drive so that I can try to find an avenue to recover the data within it in the future.

On another note, on Thursday afternoon, our department in the Organisation got news of another round of management level reshuffling. We stand to lose a deputy director who got promoted to director-ship and our own director has been seconded to a new subsidiary, to be replaced another director no less competent. Despite us middle management people will strive our best to minimise disruptions to work (the key word here is 'minimise'), there will still be disruptions. The reshuffling news is bittersweet. While the news stands as a testament of the management's confidence in our department's leaders, the department stands to lose two of its key family members.

Finally, this morning we got news that the home of one of our other deputy directors got broken into. Thankfully, no one in this person's family got hurt. Besides the lost of assets, the is the issue of emotional scars. I pray that the family perseveres through this traumatising experience. Truly, a sign of times in light of a pending worldwide financial turbulence.

I am hoping that there is no more unhappy news for the rest of this week. Next week, we begin by celebrating Diwali on Monday. May the festival of lights shine our lives in the coming days.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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