30 October 2008

Spurred, splattered

For a neutral, it was a fair result from an expectedly exciting derby match. For a Gooner, it was 2 points lost, especially with both ManUre appearing to be winning their match & Chelski causing an away upset to the new 'big gun' Hull City, the last time the scores update flashed on the telly.

The 2 mistakes; 1 each when Almunia couldn't hold on to the ball when it hit him square in the face & also when Clichy slipped, thus giving away the ball in a dangerous areas within the Arsenal half of the pitch, basically ruined IMHO what was up till then a splendid performance from the team that plays the best football in the English Premier League (Arsenal of course, you definitely can't mean Spurs). It allowed Spurs to claw back 2 goals & in the dying minutes of extra time, equalised the score. Wenger appeared furious at the touchline as the Gunners lost possession that lead to that 4th Spurs goal.

Oh well, 2 points lost. *sigh* How it'll impact the season, we'll know in the next few months. Nevertheless, it was a good performance (not splendid due to the gaffs). Happy to see both our centerbacks & both strikers on the pitch scoring in the same match.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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