15 March 2007

MOAM 1st Anniversary

Greetings! Would you believe it, on the Ides of March 2007, MOAM is 1 year old? Also, this happens to be my 75th post too. I have been posting that many entries within the last year.

Currently, this guy of nearest age 29 who 1 year 6 months ago from this date, slept thousands of miles above ground & awaken the next day 8 time zones from his native developing 3rd world nation, is back in his native country (what a mouthful). Ain't a rurouni no more, mate. Still working at the same organisation, with pending changes in own life.

A friend recently ask me what kind of blog do I maintain. Thinking, & thinking, & thinking, I replied, "rojak blog" aka 'salad blog.' It's coz I post almost anything on any topic I want, not hindered by any particular genre. However, MOAM readers will notice I rant about Arsenal (they won against Aston Villa this morning local time, yeah!) & techie stuff often. Nevertheless, I try to blog of any issue that catches my fancy as well as the rare, occassional trips I make.

For the coming year, I do hope to blog more often & reach 150 postings by the MOAM's 2nd birthday, as well as exercising for a leaner me (gained 2 kgs since returning from London).

Below is the most recent pic of me at friends Nisyaq & Mahadi's kenduri kahwin (semoga berkekalan sebagai suami isteri sampai bila-bila) last weekend, which I attended with Syazwani & Axm (the 2 in red). We were all part of the Counseling Society in uni. Pic was taken on my N70.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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