20 March 2007

Window Shopping: Crumpler Stuff

It has been raining since last night till this morning. At time of typing this post, looking out of the office window, I can finally see the cloudy sky without any raindrops falling on the window glass. Nice day to just cuddle in bed & zzzzzzzzz.

In today's edition of the local free newspaper, the Sun (not a tabloid like the UK version, mind you), the centerspread has an article on Crumpler bags, with the opening paragraph 'Who wants a Crumpler bag? You probably do, you just don't know it yet.' It caught my attention & after reading the article, I surfed to www.crumpler.com to check it out. However, I found the website to be down or non-existence. Trying again with www.crumpler.com.my, I got redirected to www.crumpler.com.sg, the Singapore website.

True enough, as per the article, the Crumpler website is mad, although I'd prefer using the word 'zany.' Anyhow, after browsing through the stuff there & also finding out that I probably am a blur case for not knowing of this brand (2 colleagues know & 1 of them, his office backpack is a Crumpler (got to see a hands-on sample)), I am earmarking Crumpler backpacks, lanyard and heck, perhaps a mobile phone holder too for potential future splurge.

Of these, me thinks the lanyard, Winkler & Thirsty AL (the last 2, which are digital device holders, are pictured below) are more within my ability to splurge at a moment's notice should I come across them.

For bigger splurge, Crumpler's King Single and Whickey & Cox backpacks are definite candidates. I expect the price of these babies to be in excess of RM400 (a trip to Suria KLCC can solve the price issue since Crumpler has an outlet there).

But then, buying another backpack that can fit a laptop is not high on my list of needs since my trusty ol'NEXT business rucksack is doing a splendid job. Hehe, an excuse to not splurge. Yup, me will be loyal to good serving NEXT business rucksack, whom I bought for 50% off its 25 quids price tag during winter sale previous year.
Addendum: At 1645 today, colleague HH was recommending that Crumpler bags are a good buy, & said I should invest in 1, since she also wants another (bigger) Crumpler bag to fit her laptop in. Argh! Must resist the urge... prioritise to set up wifi at home 1st... save... or heck, just swipe the plastic for a King Single or Whickey & Cox - backup for the NEXT rucksack or weekend travel bag. :-)
Till later, live long & prosper.

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