22 July 2008

I am not for you - SEPI

I am feeling feverish, yet having trouble sleeping for the past more than half an hour. So, if you need to call me soppy or what not, don't. Blame it on the paracetomol. :P

I saw this movie at NIA's behest some weeks back. It was entertaining actually, despite me having an opinion that perhaps the director should have ended the movie with the happy endings of 2 of the 3 tales within SEPI, instead of ending it as it is & hence, tying to the loneliness theme.

No, no, no. I didn't shed a tear or what not, but Mark appreciated the emotions that the film evoked. Nevertheless, at one time, I still couldn't help exclaiming softly, 'hey, LRT doesn't go all the way to KTJ.' :P

Anyhow, SEPI increased my appreciation of seeing Malay movies at the cinema, coz ever since I had that bad experience with Mistik, I tried to stay away from Malay movies except some Horror themed ones like Anak, which was actually entertaining & not so s*u*ip (personal opinion) like Mistik. Hmm, maybe I'll watch this movie whose trailer I saw during SEPI - Susuk & perhaps be game for other Khabir Bhatia directed movies (my staff said CINTA was good too when to her surprise, I said I've seen SEPI).

Lastly, lemme leave you with this cover version video of Rossa's Aku Bukan Untukmu by Zaf & Lah, from SEPI's soundtrack. Sounds catchy, the song. Good nite.

TIll later, live long & prosper.

PS: Darn, uploaded clip got problem (prefer to upload a clip over a YouTube link as some organisation blocks YouTube). TIll I settle the issue (I is sleepy now), please also find a YouTube embedded music video of Zaf & Lah's Aku Bukan Untukmu.

PPS: Yatta! It works, the uploaded video, after publishing the musing. Anyhow, will leave both versions. :)

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