10 July 2008

mOAm Maintenance: 10072008

*yawn* Another sleepy morning for Mark, as I went home (& slept later) due to a 9pm movie outing yesterday evening.

This is a blogkeeping update.

mOAm readers will notice that I've removed from the sidebar of the blog layout the following: 'mOAm Talk' Google Talkabout chatback badge & 'Trace Schedule', which is a link to Google Calendar. Why did I removed these 2 items? Besides being items that I don't really use, it didn't meet the purpose I added it for. 'mOAm Talk' was a novelty thingy that allowed mOAm readers to contact me whenever my Google Talk status is green i.e. in an 'available' mode. However, I normally chose to be in a red 'busy' status, but that has never stopped those who know my email to contact me. Alas, this means one can never contact me via mOAm. Hence, my decision to remove the 'mOAm Talk' chatback badge. 'Trace Schedule' Google Calendar link was a good-to-have link that I just didn't was it there anymore for now.

I've also changed 'Mark Traces' from a bloglink list to a blogroll list. What this means is that instead of a static link list to some of the blogs Mark reads/follows, it will now list the blogs Mark reads/follows together with updates. The mode I currently chose is to sort based on top several most recently updated. Besides that, I am trying out restricting comments to registered OpenID users & having back links to mOAm musings.

I am also on the lookout for a change in mOAm layout template, possibly, & a return to more frequent & meaty musings.

Till later, live long & prosper.

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